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How to Reduce Blood Pressure

The best way to reduce blood pressure without medication is to “adhere to the low-salt DASH diet [more here], which is high in fiber, low in fats and incorporates lots of fruits and vegetables, and follow an exercise and weight loss [more here] regimen.” The same article also lists some supplements that may help. (More here on the DASH diet.)
Dr. Andrew Weil’s recommendations include quitting smoking (more here), getting more exercise (more herehere, and here, especially swimming - more here or interval training), practicing relaxation techniques, and eating a healthy diet, including calcium, magnesium and vitamin C.
RealAge.com recommends eating more bananas, oatmeal, grape juice, whole-wheat pasta, berries, dark chocolate (more here), yogurt (more here), flaxseeds, beets or beet juice (more here and here) and plant protein, and drinking less soda.
Other possibilities are
Ingesting milk or soy proteins (more here on eating soy products like edamame and tofu, more here on low-fat dairy products), especially whey protein and yogurt, and replacing sugar with protein in the diet;
Getting more potassium (more herehere, and here);
Spending time in sunshine;
Taking a supplement with L-citrulline;
Getting enough sleep, especially treating sleep apnea, if you suffer from it, and staying warm;
And if none of that works, there are affordable generic medications, but you may have more success if you control your cholesterol also and if you receive coordinated care.