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How to Prevent or Reduce Osteoporosis

Some of the ways to maintain or even increase bone density are:
Exercise (more herehere, and here), especially strength training (more here and here), weight bearing exercise (more here, here, and here) and endurance exercise;
Developing a sense of well being;
Getting enough
Calcium and vitamin D (more herehere, herehere, here, here and here, dosage here; more on calcium here; more on vitamin D here), but maybe not (refuted here), and there may be no need to worry about artery calcification from taking the calcium,
Vitamin C (more here),
Carotenoids (more here),
Silicon (more here),
Vegetable-based nitrates,
Manganese, and
Tofu and other sources of soy protein, especially taking soy protein with isoflavones,
Dairy products (more here and here) especially yogurt,
Foods enriched with calcium,
Tomatoes (more here),
Prunes (more here and here),
Beans (more here),
Nuts and seeds (more here and here), especially almonds,
Figs (more here),
Avoiding sugar and fat,  protein (more here), salt, caffeine (more here), and carbonated drinks (more here);
Reducing serotonin levels in the body (more here - though serotonin is needed in the brain for a sense of well being), and reducing visceral fat, if you have any;
Drinking a small amount of wine per day (more on alcohol here and here), but avoiding excess alcohol (more herehere, and here) and smoking; and
And then there’s medication, if necessary, but many of the medications may actually cause fractures.