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How to Prevent or Minimize the Effects of Depression

I suffered from severe depression years ago, with two hospitalizations. No medication ever helped, nor did electro-convulsive therapy. So I made a lot of changes in my life, including some of those listed below, and haven't had that level of depression again.
Dr. Stephen Ilardi believes that depression can be cured by:
Dietary omega-3 fatty acids (more here and here, especially from fish)
Engaging activity
Physical exercise (more here, here, here, here, here, including strength training, especially in green spaces—more here)
Sunlight (or other very bright light) exposure (more here and here)
Social support (more here)
Sleep (more here and here)
Dr. Roger Walsh agrees.
Other ways to reduce depression are:
Practicing a religionmeditation (more here and here), or yoga (more here and here);
Participating in a support group;
Playing certain computer games;
Giving, including donating to a cause that's important to you, or helping others in other ways;
Avoiding blood sugar spikes and avoiding or reducing inflammation, especially by getting enough curcumin, an ingredient of the spice turmeric;
Avoiding trans fats (more here) in the diet, and avoiding fast food;
Taking St. John's wort (more here), SAMe, vitamin D supplements (more here), statin drugs, ketamine;
A psychiatrist can prescribe more drastic measures, including powerful magnetic stimulation of the frontal lobe of the brain. Just bear in mind that the magnets used in this therapy aren't the kind you can find online. Also, if nothing else works and you decide to take medication, you should know that external stimulation of the frontal lobe with a weak electrical current may increase the medication's effectiveness.