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Meet the brothers who reversed their father's diabetes

(The Telegraph) By 2013 complications had set in: [Geoff Whitington] contracted Charcot Foot – a progressive and gory destruction of the joint – which, in addition to diabetes-related ulcers on his other foot, meant a grave risk of amputation.
He fell into near-depression, withdrawing from visiting his sons and grandchildren. Consigned to an early death from diabetes, he even took to writing a will…
[Son] Anthony, a freelance filmmaker, and [son] Ian…, a cameraman, hatched a plan to help their father. The pair also decided to make a documentary, Fixing Dad, to chart Geoff’s progress…
The brothers researched the disease - which affects more than 3.6 million people in the UK - drew up a three-pronged attack on Geoff’s fitness, nutritional and mental hurdles, and set a daunting target: that the three of them would complete a the 100-mile Prudential RideLondon-Surrey cycling event in July 2014…
The journey wasn’t always easy – various explosive arguments are captured at points where the pressure felt too much – but just nine months after he began the programme, Geoff completed the 100-mile ride through London.
Then, in February last year came the news they’d always wished for. The diabetes had been successfully 'resolved’. Geoff was fixed.
Community: Here’s another example: “Reversing diabetes requires lifestyle change.” Bear in mind that the same lifestyle elements that can reverse diabetes can prevent you from getting it in the first place.
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