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Diet in a Taubesy-Turvy World

(David Katz, M.D., Yale Prevention Research Center) I am not interested in advocating for the restriction of one macronutrient rather than another. I am interested in wholesome foods in sensible combinations that can allow people to lose weight, and find health. I am interested in variations on the theme of eating well that can empower people to love food that loves them back. I am interested in wholesome foods that help people achieve satiety with a reasonable intake of calories, and the avoidance of willfully engineered junk designed to do the converse. I am interested in sustainability, which arguments for eating more meat ignore entirely – as did [science writer Gary] Taubes in his column. I am interested in using what we know to advance the human condition, rather than pretending that progress must forever await the erudite answer to a silly question.
Calories count. So does hunger. Weight can be lost cutting carbohydrate, or fat, dependently or independently of the direct actions of insulin. None of this alters the fundamentals of healthful eating actually associated, in actual people in the actual world, with the very outcomes we all desire: vitality, longevity, weight control without want and even – importantly – pleasure from food.
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