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Diet and Lifestyle May Play a Role in Prostate Cancer Risk

(Sharecare) Who doesn’t love getting something for free -- an upgrade on your business flight, maybe, or a free glass of wine at dinner or a free ticket to a sellout concert -- especially when you’re not expecting it? Well, here’s a health benefit that’s kind of like that. Turns out, the same healthy habits that are great for your heart and waistline also may slash your risk of prostate cancer…
You know the drill
Eat smart. Exercise. Watch your weight. Log good sleep. You hear the same message time and time again because it's just the right thing to do -- and ultimately, it may be the best thing you can do to prevent prostate cancer. Here are more smart ways to lower your risk.
·         Ditch the paunch by remaking your diet. Here are a bevy of tasty eats that can help you slim down and whet your appetite.
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