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Effects of Spinach Extract on Satiety: Feel Full, Curb Cravings

(Taylor & Francis) A new study … examines how consuming the concentrated extract of thylakoids found in spinach can reduce hunger and cravings…
The results showed that the spinach extract containing thylakoids increased satiety over a two-hour period compared to a placebo. There were no differences in plasma lipids and energy intake at dinner, but males showed a trend toward decreased energy intake. Thylakoid consumption may influence gender-specific food cravings -- in a previous study, it was found that in women, a reduced urge for sweets was significant after a single dose of the spinach extract and the reduced urge for sweets was sustained throughout the study.
Article co-author, Frank L. Greenway MD, summarizes: "The reduction in hunger and the desire for salty food that we saw in this study might make thylakoids particularly useful for people with high blood pressure and associated weight problems."
Community: I could definitely use some help on cravings for sweets. The product used in the study was a Swedish supplement called Appethyl, which is available for ordering online, but it’s really expensive. Maybe a cheaper spinach extract might help, as well. And, of course, it never hurts to eat more of the real stuff.
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