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Almonds to Lower Cholesterol and Blood Sugar
Snacking on almonds to lower cholesterol is a smart idea with experimental evidence to back it up.
Is Ginseng Safe for Cancer Patient?
Cancer patient wonders, is ginseng safe? In most cases, the answer appears to be yes.
Elimination Diet and Home Remedies for Rosacea
Eliminating trigger foods can help relieve the redness of rosacea for some. Others benefit from inexpensive home remedies that are surprisingly simple.
Why Does Benadryl Wake Her Up?
Some people find the over-the-counter sleep aid diphenhydramine can wake them and make them feel uncomfortably alert instead of putting them to sleep.
Cortisone Shot Won’t Help Tennis Player’s Knee
A cortisone shot into a stiff knee promises relief, but a recent study shows it doesn't really help pain brought on by exercise. Other tactics are needed.
Patients Detect Drug Side Effects Before FDA Does
The Food and Drug Administration can take decades to discover really serious drug side effects. Patients can help detect problems far more quickly.
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