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Kids' School Grades Tied to Late-Life Dementia Risk

(MedPage Today) School performance at age 10 was a dominant risk factor for later diagnosis of dementia in a long-running Swedish study, which subsequent education and high-complexity jobs in adulthood could not fully overcome, a researcher said…
Using data from a cohort study that ran for more than 90 years, Serhiy Dekhtyar, PhD, and colleagues from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, found that participants with low grades at age 10 were at 21% higher risk for an eventual dementia diagnosis…
[A]s in previous studies, educational attainment and "data-complex" employment reduced the risk of late-life dementia…
[H]aving employment in midlife that involved expertise with numbers appeared to be modestly protective against dementia … versus other job types.
A similar association was seen for individuals with university degrees or professional education.
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