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Coffee drinking may lower inflammation, reduce diabetes risk

(Reuters Health) Coffee drinkers in a long-term study were about half as likely to develop type 2 diabetes as those who didn't drink coffee, and researchers think an inflammation-lowering effect of the beverage might be the key…
“An inverse relation between coffee intake and diabetes has been reported in many prospective studies whereas some have yielded insignificant results,” [Demosthenes B.] Panagiotakos, a co-author of the new study, told Reuters Health by email.
Since he and his colleagues merely observed the study participants, and didn't assign them randomly to drink or abstain from coffee, they still can't be sure that drinking coffee helps prevent diabetes, but their findings might help form the basis of a cause-and-effect hypothesis, Panagiotakos said…
We are not yet sure that coffee helps prevent diabetes, but “what is sure and remains more effective is exercise and body weight control,” Donath told Reuters Health by email.
Community: The article doesn’t say, but I’m betting that consuming coffee that has a lot of fat and sugar added isn’t going to provide this same benefit.
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