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Study links vitamin D to quality of life

(University of Alberta) Experts agree that vitamin D is beneficial for bone health, but its relationship to overall quality of life is a little-understood area. However, Paul Veugelers, professor in the School of Public Health, recently published research showing that the sun's rays have a deeper benefit to our well-being.
Veugelers and fellow researchers teamed up to study health-related quality of life in seniors. In the study…, about 1,500 people participating in lifestyle counselling programs had their blood drawn to assess vitamin D levels. They also answered a questionnaire to provide a self-assessment of five factors used to quantify health-related quality of life: their personal mobility, self-care, everyday activities, pain or discomfort, and anxiety and depression.
"In this study, we observed a clear relationship between higher vitamin D serum levels and a better quality of life," says Veugelers. "In other words: you don't feel well? Sit in the sun or take some vitamin D supplements."
Community: BUT:
(Reuters Health) Exposure to sunshine over a short period of time may increase the risk of suicide but may also lower the risk over several months, suggests a new study from Austria.
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