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4 things to watch out for on a cereal box

(Consumer Reports) You can’t rely on front-of-box claims to determine how healthful a certain cereal may be. Here are four things to check on the Nutrition Facts label and ingredients list before you buy.
1. Read beyond the first ingredient
[Y]ou may find sugars, fats, and artificial flavors. And whole grain doesn’t always mean high fiber. Check the label; you want a cereal with at least 5 grams of fiber.
2. Watch for sugars
The more sugar, the less healthy the cereal. And beware: Sugar may be listed under multiple names, such as brown sugar, caramel, and honey…
3. Check the source of the fiber
[Added fibers] may not have the same health benefits as fiber from whole grains…
4. Examine serving size
A serving of a dense cereal such as granola may be ½ cup and that of a flake cereal may be 1 cup. Keep that in mind when you’re pouring the cereal into your bowl.
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