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Counterclockwise Cat

(Lauren Kessler, Counterclockwise) Everything I know about living counterclockwise I learned from my cat…
What’s his secret? What does Sonny do right? As cats are said to have 9 lives, here are Sonny’s 9 counterclockwise strategies:
1. He grazes on high-quality, no-garbage food all day, eating a mouthful of food at a time, never a big meal.
2. He stays hydrated.
3. He gets ample physical activity that is integrated into his daily life.
4. He plays.
5. He pals around with someone much much younger than himself (my other cat, Simon, who is a human twentysomething).
6. He continues to challenge himself cognitively and physically by hunting…
7. He is surrounded by a loving and supportive family.
8. He has a useful place in that family (well, as useful as cats get).
9. He is treated as ageless.
Community: Here’s my counterclockwise cat.
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