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How Bad Medicine Is Sweeping The Country, One State At A Time

(ThinkProgress) In the majority of this country, Americans’ medical care is determined by politicians instead of by doctors. That’s because a wave of anti-choice legislation has completely reoriented the women’s health landscape, ensuring that medical professionals are forced to ignore their best judgment in order to remain compliant with the law, according to a new report from the National Partnership for Women & Families.
“Politics are taking over our exam rooms and that is a dangerous, disturbing trend,” the National Partnership’s president, Debra L. Ness, noted in a statement released to coincide with the new findings. “More and more, lawmakers across the country are enacting laws that mandate how health care providers must practice medicine.”
Ness’ group argues that four different anti-abortion restrictions — unnecessary ultrasound requirements, biased counseling sessions, mandatory waiting periods, and regulations on the abortion pill — fall into a broad “bad medicine” category. Even though there’s no scientific evidence to justify those policies, they’re incredibly common.
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