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Political Memo: Ex-Senators On Both Sides of Aisle Join Forces On Health Care

(New York Times) As a Republican senator, Trent Lott was among those who successfully dug in against the Clinton-era health overhaul. Tom Daschle, then the Senate Democratic leader, fought Republicans on their prescription drug plan. John B. Breaux, a centrist Democrat who led a blue-ribbon Medicare commission, often found himself at odds with both parties.
Now these three retired Senate powers are combining to push an expansion of tele-medicine as a way to improve health care access and cut costs. They say the idea of using the nation’s growing digital capacity to provide more health care has significant bipartisan support and could be an solution to the partisan schism over the Affordable Care Act.
“They have been fighting so long on the A.C.A.-Obamacare,” Mr. Breaux said during a joint interview with the three. “To have something we can all agree on is an opportunity to say yes, we can come together on health care.”
In their post-Senate careers, the three former lawmakers have relocated to K Street, home to lobbyists, and are working on behalf of the Alliance for Connected Care, a nonprofit collection of health care providers, insurers, pharmacies, technology firms and telecommunications companies, to pursue legislative and regulatory changes to let more Americans essentially get much of their health care remotely.
Community: There’s gold (for lobbyists) in them thar hills!
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