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Winter Blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

(Jonathan Fader, Ph.D., Psychology Today) Our winter days are shorter and we are uncomfortably sandwiched between the long gone holiday season and the far off summer. Most of us find our mood declining with the decreased light and cold temperatures…
[Dr. Kelly Rohan] had some great tips about fighting the winter blues:
·         Take a walk in the morning light. This allows you to get exercise which is shown to treat depression in general and also expose yourself to more sunlight which has also been shown in studies to effectively treat depressed mood in the winter months.
·         Modify your activities for the winter. Obviously you aren’t getting out that surfboard so see what hobbies you can take up that are more compatible with the season.
·         Plan regular social activities with friends or family that get you out of the house and battle the biggest of winter monsters: Hibernation!
If your winter mood causes significant impairment or distress in your life it may be part of a Major Depression with a seasonal component. If you believe this is the case, or you are unsure, it makes sense to see a licensed mental health professional.
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