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Valentine's Day Ideas That Will Improve Your Relationship, According to Research

(Dr. Shannon Kolakowski) Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and you're not alone if you sometimes feel unsure of the best way to celebrate with your loved one. So this year I thought I'd share some ways to spend the big day that will not only be fun for you both, but that will also actually help improve your relationship. Win-win, right?
Add novelty to your routine
Use Valentine's Day as a marker for starting to incorporate novel experiences into your schedule. Each of you can brainstorm a list of new places you'd like to see or things you'd like to try together. Make a goal to try one new activity each month or weekend, depending on what your schedule allows…
Incorporate appreciation and gratitude
Make it your goal to show gratitude for your partner on a regular basis, as even small gestures of gratitude can make a big difference in long term relationship success…
Heat up things in the bedroom
Use Valentines Day as a time to reinvest in your sexual energy with your partner. It might be as simple as carving out the time (and privacy) for intimacy, or creating the right setting for you two to be together…
Add an element of mystery or surprise to your celebration.
Research indicates that when people receive a gift that is unexpected or has an element of mystery surrounding it, they tend to feel more positively about the experience, and the happy feelings last longer, when compared to something they expect…
Celebrate the past.
If you decide to go with something more routine, make sure it brings up sentimental, happy memories from the past.
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