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Oregano Oil Kills Norovirus—but Not Enough

(Scientific American) Internet herb stores claim that swallowing oregano oil can cure your cold or flu. But the devil's in the details. Oregano oil is an antimicrobial, and can even kill off that tough cruise ship plague, norovirus—but there's no evidence it can do so inside your body, scientists say. It works to inactivate pathogens before they get inside.
Researchers experimented on the mouse form of norovirus—genetically similar to the hard-to-grow human strain. They treated virus colonies with solutions of either four percent oregano oil, or half a percent carvacrol—the active ingredient.
Turns out oregano oil cut virus numbers by 10-fold. Carvacrol: 10,000-fold. In comparison, bleach achieves a million-fold reduction…
So, oregano oil's nowhere near as effective as bleach. But it's nontoxic, and has no noxious fumes. Unless you hate the smell of oregano.
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