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New York May Ban Microbeads in Facial Scrubs

(ABC News) New York may become the first state to ban tiny plastic microbeads found in hundreds of facial scrubs, soaps and toothpastes.
A state bill introduced [Tuesday] would prohibit the production, manufacture, distribution and sale of products containing plastic beads fewer than 5 millimeters in size because they have been shown to bypass the sewage system and wind up in bodies of water, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement…
In addition to polluting the water, the beads can accumulate other toxic chemicals, be eaten by fish and wind up in the food supply, according to the Attorney General's office.
Manufacturers would have until December 2015 to phase the microbeads out and replace them with salt, walnut pieces or other natural substances, which already exist in many scrubs, Sweeney said.
Unilever -- whose brands include Dove, Pond’s and Caress -- pledged in 2012 to eliminate plastic beads from its products by 2015.
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