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New BPA Experiment Finds No Low-Dose Effects

(Scientific American) A new experiment by scientists at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has found that bisphenol A does not affect the health of rats fed low doses.
The study adds to the ongoing scientific dispute over whether traces of BPA – an industrial chemical found in polycarbonate plastic, some canned foods and beverages, paper receipts and dental sealants  – can harm people.
Rats exposed in the womb and as newborns to the two highest doses of BPA had lower body weights, abnormal female reproductive development and altered hormone levels. But there were no such effects when the rats were exposed to low doses that people are routinely exposed to.
Some scientists not affiliated with the study said that the findings are flawed. FDA scientists didn’t look for all relevant health impacts, such as effects on the developing brain. Also, the experiment lasted for 90 days, so it is unknown if the rats’ health was affected later in life. Some effects, such as altered glucose levels, might occur after continuing exposure.
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