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More Cities Mandate Paid Sick Leave

(NPR) This month, Rhode Island became the third state in the nation to offer workers paid family leave to care for a loved one. And on Tuesday, Newark, N.J., became the latest in a small wave of cities to mandate paid sick leave.
The policies cover both public and private sector workers, and a dozen more areas are considering some variation of them.
In New York City, a new paid sick leave law hasn't even taken effect yet, but already Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to expand it. In a speech two weeks ago, he said his plan would cover half a million more people by eliminating exemptions for certain sectors, and by including employers with five or more workers instead of the current threshold of 15. Employees working 30 or more hours a week will earn up to five paid sick days a year.
De Blasio also wants to phase in the law faster so that it takes full effect by April 1. And he would do away with the requirement that it be dependent on a good economy.
"Because in a troubled economy, people need paid sick leave even more to protect their families," he told a cheering crowd of supporters.
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