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Mediterranean Diet Improves Cognition

(Medscape) Our trial suggests that nutritional intervention with [the Mediterranean Diet (MedDiet)] supplemented with either [extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)] or nuts is associated with improved global cognition. The benefit of MedDiet was independent of potential confounders such as age, family history of cognitive impairment or dementia, ApoE genotype, education, physical activity, vascular risk factors and energy intake.
Our longitudinal results concur with the recent findings from a cross-sectional analysis at baseline in another PREDIMED subgroup (Barcelona) whereby increased consumption of EVOO and walnuts were independently related to better cognition.  They are also consistent with the weak but not significant association observed for olive oil, monounsaturated fatty acids and the MedDiet in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition-Greek (EPIC-Greek) study,  with a similar but stronger association observed in a large Italian cohort and with a slightly improved cognitive performance in the Three-City French cohort.
Our findings are consistent with previous, but not all, observational studies conducted outside the Mediterranean basin.
Community: Medscape tells us “Brain Food: What to Avoid.”
And there are many practical things we can do to prevent, delay, or minimize cognitive decline.
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