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Is It Really Possible To Run Out Of Self-Control?

(Huffington Post) [T]he authors of [a new] study suggest that what might seem like depletion of self-control during fatigued moments might actually just be a shifting of priorities.
"In short, when people are 'depleted' or fatigued, they experience a change in motivational priorities such that they attend to and work less for things they feel obliged to do and attend to and work more for things they want to do -- things they like doing," study researcher Michael Inzlicht, of the University of Toronto Scarborough, said in a statement.
The findings suggest that people who are feeling especially low on self-esteem should reframe the way they look at what they need to accomplish. By looking at a task as something they want to complete, versus something they have to complete, they may be more likely to actually complete it.
Other studies have also shown other potential self-control boosters and shrinkers. Boosters include exercisesurrounding yourself with good influencesmindfulness, looking at the big picture, and prayer. Meanwhile, Facebook has been shown in a recent study to shrink self-control.
Community: There are many practical things we can do to improve self control.
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