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A Do a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

(Ben C. Fletcher, D.Phil., Oxon, Psychology Today) [D]oing something different may help kick-start a happier, healthier life in which you have better control over such things as your finances, your relationships, your stress levels and even your weight loss. With the Do Something Different methodology we have created a way of breaking the vice-like grip of negative habits and expanding personality at the same time. To me, behavioural flexibility is the key to an authentic and successful life. An inflexible personality can be an in-built time-bomb that destroys opportunity and potential.
In December 2013 a couple of new research studies were published which provide compelling medical evidence for the benefits of making very small changes in behaviour…
In a 2014 paper… , Karen Pine and I … argue that it is not information deficit that usually prevents people adopting new simple healthy behaviours…
Instead of trying to fill some ‘information deficit’ we believe, lifestyle and behavioural change needs to focus on the ‘doing’ channel, instead of the thinking channel. This is what Do Something Different does. The Do Something Different behaviour change technique disrupts the habit chains that exist in daily living and gives the individual the chance to do what they want and need instead of what the automatically do. Only then can actions and knowledge become properly integrated and life take on a coherence that may otherwise be lacking.
Community: Improving impulse control can make us better able to accomplish behavioral change.
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