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An Innovative Plan To Reel In Sport Fishermen To Feed The Hungry

(The Salt, NPR) The Maine Hunters for the Hungry program is one of the few administered by the state government. The state department of agriculture and food assistance foots the bill to process the meat, which then gets distributed.
Since 1996, the program has accepted bear, deer and moose donations. This year the total take was 5,500 pounds of game. But a brand-new scheme being launched this week will bring sport fishermen into the fold — and hopefully, a lot more fish into soup kitchens that help feed the hungry.
That's a big deal, because despite its importance to a healthful diet, fish can be hard to come by for food assistance organizations like Wayside.
Wayside rescues food and prepares it into meals that are served at community centers and churches throughout [Portland, Maine].
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