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To Understand Placebo, First Take It Out Of Medicine's Black Box

(LiveScience) Currently, the placebo exists as a kind of mysterious black box that sits between administration of a treatment that doesn’t work the way we think it should, and a beneficial effect for a patient. So what purpose does this black box serve?
If there is an effect (the patient gets better), then seeking the reason or cause of this effect would seem useful.
This work has already begun; the two most promising lines of research investigate how patients' expectations affect their outcome, and explore the role of classical conditioning in the placebo effect.
There’s also research seeking to better understand the effect of manipulating the context of treatment and features of the patient-practitioner interaction – factors that often fall under the cloak of the placebo. These might include empathy shown by the practitioner, the connection or bond patients feel and the beliefs of the practitioner regarding the patient or condition.
Considering these factors as effective treatment components in their own right offers a way to understand how interventions work and, potentially, an insight into the nature of the condition being treated.
Community: As I’ve said for years, the placebo effect is much too powerful to be ignored by medical science.
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