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The Holidays Can Be an Opportunity for Great Hope

(Thomas G. Plante, Ph.D., ABPP, Psychology Today) Christmas lights, Hanukkah lights, lighting candles at Kwanzaa, Magi following the North Star, and so many other images of light within great darkness is celebrated and highlighted now. And who doesn’t enjoy the beautiful holiday lights that decorate homes, town centers, shops, businesses, and whole communities? Light in the darkness, hope where there is despair…
Even the more secular celebration of the New Year is a celebration of hope. New Year resolutions are a testament to the hope that things can be better in the New Year. Optimism and hope are powerful motivators and psychology research has well demonstrated that there are many psychological and physical benefits of nurturing these qualities and virtues. Being optimistic and hopeful is associated with better mental health as well as better physical health too. So, regardless of your beliefs and interests (or lack of beliefs and interests) in theological matters consider embracing the optimism and hope that is highlighted in the end of year holiday multicultural and multi-religious celebrations…all of them!
Community: You can get your fill of year-end lights, some displays set to music, right here.
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