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More Information and Recent Research on Aging

(Brown University) The genomes of organisms from humans to corn are replete with "parasitic" strands of DNA that, when not suppressed, copy themselves and spread throughout the genome, potentially affecting health. Earlier this year Brown University researchers found that these "retrotransposable elements" were increasingly able to break free of the genome's control in cultures of human cells. Now in a new paper…, they show that RTEs are increasingly able to break free and copy themselves in the tissues of mice as the animals aged. In further experiments the biologists showed that this activity was readily apparent in cancerous tumors, but that it also could be reduced by restricting calories.
(New York Times) [Mireille Guiliano , author of French Women Don’t Get Facelifts:] The culture around aging in the U.S. is so mean to women. Just because we turn 40 or 50, are we garbage? I don’t feel like that when I’m here in France, where I live for half the year. You’ve got to know that there are lots of little tricks out there that can help you go to the next stages without panicking and without feeling like this is the end of life.
(Tamara McClintock Greenberg, Psy.D., Psychology today) Brushing our teeth, flossing, and managing periodontal (gum) disease is thought to increasingly protect us from the development of illness, lengthen our lifespans and reduce the burden of disease. It is worrisome that most of us can't afford visits to the dentist.
(Reuters Health) Shrugging off chronic knee pain as an inevitable part of aging puts men in their 70s at risk for accelerated muscle loss, falls and generally reduced quality of life, a new study suggests. "This study confirms the findings of many studies indicating that chronic knee pain will seriously impact quality of life in older people," lead author Marlene Franzen said.
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