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Grass Fed Vs. Not, What's the Difference?

(The Supermarket Guru) We've heard it in passing or seen it on some high end or farm to table restaurant menus, but what exactly does it mean to be grass fed or pasture raised. And does it matter?
Humane-certified Grass-fed Beef comes from cattle that roam freely in open pastures and eat natural grasses (and no grains). The meat is also free from growth hormones and antibiotics. Grass-fed beef has a different nutritional profile than conventional beef. It has been found to contain half as much fat, twice as many omega-3 fatty acids and a higher level of vitamin E that grain fed or conventional beef.
Community: When people say that meat must be good for us because our ancestors ate it, they often don’t take into account the fact that our ancestors ate this kind of healthier, grass-fed meat. And probably not as much of it as most Americans eat today.
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