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Goji Berries May Protect against Flu

(Swanson Health Products) People looking for additional protection against the flu this winter may want to give goji berries a try…
In light of … previous research showing enhanced immune response with goji berry (also known as wolfberry) supplementation, researchers … set out to evaluate the potential of goji berries to protect against the flu virus in an experiment conducted on older male mice…
Compared to the control group, mice given goji berries had less flu-related weight loss and reduced lung pathology. They also displayed better T-cell function (as measured by their ability to produce beneficial cytokines that defend against viral infections) and reduced levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines.
The study authors concluded that goji berries have “a beneficial effect in reducing the severity of influenza infection,” which they attributed to “enhancement of T cell function and/or reduction in pro-inflammatory cytokines.”
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