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Financial Incentives Motivate Sedentary Adults to Exercise

(Science Daily) A review study … finds that financial incentives –as modest as $5 per week – can increase the amount of exercise people do…
Financial incentive-based public health strategies have gained popularity in North America in recent years, with smoking and weight loss being the more popular targets.
“People’s actions tend to serve their immediate self-interest at the expense of long-term wellbeing,” said [lead author Marc] Mitchell. “This is often the case for exercise, where the costs are experienced in the present and the benefits are delayed. Because of this, many adults postpone exercise.”…
“Our research shows that people who participate in cardiac rehab programs after experiencing a major heart event cut their risk of dying from another cardiac event by as a much as 50 per cent,” said Dr. Paul Oh… “One of our concerns is there are people who need cardiac rehab, but are not receiving it or sticking with the program over the long term. The financial-incentives model gives us an additional strategy to help more people fully engage with the life-saving care we provide.”
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