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Conflicts of Interest Often Under-reported in Clinical Trials

(MedPage Today) At least half of clinical trial study authors fail to report relevant conflicts of interest, according to an analysis of papers…
About half -- 48% -- of researchers with conflicts related to the trial sponsor or manufacturer failed to disclose some or all of them. That number rose to 88% when the authors looked at conflicts related to competing manufacturers, and 89% for any drugmaker at all.
Of the 100 reports, 49 were funded by industry, 30 had mixed sponsorship, 19 were not funded by industry, and two did not specify.
One example [the researchers] found: A study author who was an advisory board member and speaker for AstraZeneca -- who made the drug being studied -- and for Bristol Myers-Squibb, and owned stock in NovoNordisk, the trial sponsor, said in a paper that he or she had no conflicts to disclose.
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