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Activity trackers cover more than just footsteps

(Consumer Reports) Activity trackers, also known as activity monitors, are like pedometers, but upgraded for this century. They count not only steps taken but also calories burned­—­and many measure sleep quality, compute calorie intake, and serve as alarm clocks or watches. Some display your progress in real time; all can show it later on a smart phone, tablet, or computer.
Trackers provide insight about habits and health, but using one might also help you shed a few pounds. Neil Busis, M.D., a Pittsburgh neurologist who lost 40 pounds in less than a year after undergoing heart-bypass surgery, credits a “personal health network” that includes an activity tracker, a calorie-counting app, a scale that interacts with the tracker, and a blood pressure monitor.
We measured how accurate six trackers were at counting steps and calories, checked how easy each was to use, and assessed their features.
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