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The “secret” to anti-aging

(Counter Clockwise) The “secret” to anti-aging – and by anti-aging I mean preserving vitality, resilience, energy and weller-than-well health – is no secret.
Actually, there are two non-secret “secrets,” two well tested, scientifically validated ways to reverse our biological clocks.  One, believe me, you don’t want to do.  It’s called CR (calorie restriction)…
The other non-secret “secret”?  Exercise.  Physical movement. You know, sweat… It turns out that exercise can drastically alter how genes operate — in a good way…
Significant, wellness-promoting, disease-blasting changes deep within our cells, at DNA level.  If you needed another reason to get up and move, to integrate vigorous physical activity into your life, you couldn’t find a better one than this.
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