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Healthy Behaviors Trump Mild Memory Problems

(Andrew Weil, M.D.) If you don’t smoke, eat a healthy diet that includes five or more daily servings of fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly, chances are you won’t have many complaints about your memory no matter how old you are.
Researchers at UCLA teamed with Gallup pollsters to question more than 18,500 adults of all ages about their eating, smoking and exercise habits. The object was to see how well lifestyle habits connected to mild memory problems at every stage of adult life, from age 18 to 99. Results showed that seniors (age 60-99) were more likely to report engaging in healthy behaviors than mid-life and young adults…
Overall, the results illustrated that the more healthy lifestyle behaviors practiced, the less likely respondents were to report concerns with memory. The poll also showed that those who reported engaging in just one healthy behavior (such as not smoking) were 21 percent less likely to report memory problems than those who didn’t engage in any healthy behaviors. Those with more than three healthy behaviors were 111 times less likely to report memory problems than those who practiced no healthy behaviors.
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