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Education Before Prescription: Informed Healthcare

(Dr John La Puma) “Education Before Prescription” … is a game-changer for companies who care about their employees’ health, and for individuals who are want to look and feel better, and are not getting the help they need from their physician or her office…
Most people just want to look and feel better. Before anything else. They care about sex, mood, quality of life, their families, their energy levels, their capabilities, caring for others, and being engaged in a life with meaning.
Few people care about the blood pressure, sugar, lipid and other numbers as much as or in the same way as do physicians.  People can’t feel their numbers, so they don’t have as much meaning as what they can feel.
It’s not easy for a doctor to value prevention and education over prescription and pharmacologic intervention. Many patients *expect* a prescription, an expectation heightened by the time pressure on clinicians; intensive advertising; and by voice search on any smartphone or tablet (now bumped up a level by Google’s Moto X, which awakens when you address it).
To reach people where they are, we must become more adept at asking questions about people care about, and better at directing them towards answers. We can use the pen, stylus and swype to write first for educational and lifestyle interventions, instead of pharmaceuticals.
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