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More Weight Loss Tips

(Andrew Weil, M.D.) We all know the "secret" of successful weight loss: Eat less and exercise more. It's not always easy, but by adopting healthy eating habits and a regular exercise routine, you are sure to lose weight without depriving yourself of nourishing, satisfying food. And if you continue those good habits after you reach your goal, you will have an excellent chance of maintaining your desired weight. Here are some tips for successful weight loss: 1. Avoid artificial sweeteners and synthetic fat substitutes… 2. Dietary supplements or "fat-burning herbs" are usually just stimulants - don't rely on them… 3. Build lean body mass… 4. Kick up your heels… 5. Pay attention to the mental and spiritual aspects of weight control… 6. Avoid late-night eating… 7. Eat more healthy fat.
(James S. Fell, Chatelaine) Running may burn more calories than walking (yes, running evens burns more calories per kilometre – sorry), but the reality is that weight loss is almost always an issue of managing caloric intake… Even when energy expenditure was the same, the runners were better at managing their calories consumed than walkers…
But decreased sensations of hunger after running are only part of the reason why runners are better at controlling caloric intake, and therefore leaner… [T]he greater intensity translates to greater brain benefits. It enhances what is called “executive function,” which controls your decision-making ability, and eating well is all about making good decisions. The higher intensity of running also requires more mental effort.
(Murdoch University) Short bouts of intermittent exercise throughout the day may be better than one vigorous workout in convincing your brain that you are full. The insight comes from a study done by Murdoch University and a group of American collaborators investigating how the appetite-regulating hormone Peptide YY (PYY) fluctuates with intermittent or continuous exercise. While the study didn't note any difference in PYY levels when comparing the two forms of exercise, researchers did find participants who did shorter bursts more regularly reported feeling up to 32 per cent fuller.
(RealAge.com) Keep that hefty appetite firmly under control by making these three liquids part of each day: skim milk, H2O, and olive oil. That's right. Studies suggest that these three fab fluids may keep hunger at bay, reduce calorie intake, and keep the pounds from creeping on.
Community: A couple of weeks ago I posted an excerpt of an article about prebiotics. I decided to order some, and I have to say that since I started taking it, a fructooliglsaccharide, I’ve felt less hunger. And the hunger that I do feel is less intense.
(Los Angeles Times) [J. Graham Thomas, a research professor at Brown Alpert Medical School who helps oversee the National Weight Control Registry says that food journaling is] " extremely effective… One of the best ways to predict how much weight someone is going to lose is how well they adhere to the self-monitoring protocol."… "People are shocked by what has a lot of calories, what has a lot of fat and carbohydrates," Thomas said. "They just have no idea. They think they're dieting. Once they have that awareness, it's easier to say no."
Community: U.S. Department of Agriculture: “SuperTracker, a free website with more than two million users, can help you plan, analyze, and track your diet and physical activity.”
(Huffington Post) For six months, 96 overweight participants tuned in to weekly podcasts about nutrition and exercise. In addition, half of them made use of mobile apps to track calories and physical activity, and to keep other folks in the study apprised of their progress. On the whole, participants reduced their body weight by about three percent. But those who used Twitter lost even more: another half a percent for every 10 times they Tweeted.
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New diet craze offers five days of feasting for two days of famine
(Reuters) Forget abandoning carbohydrates or detoxing. The new dieting craze sweeping Britain and taking off in the United States lets people eat whatever they like - but only five days a week. "The Fast Diet", also known as the 5:2 diet, is the brainchild of TV medical journalist Michael Mosley and journalist Mimi Spencer and allows people to eat what they want for five days but only eat 600 calories a day on the other two… "I started doing intermittent fasting a year ago, lost 8 kgs (18 pounds) of fat over 3 months and my blood results went back to normal," Mosley told Reuters.
(Appetite for Health) Just WAIT: When you’re reaching for ice cream, chips or a cookie, think WAIT, which stands for what am I thinking? This gives you a chance to ground yourself and evaluate if you’re really physically hungry or just emotional. It also means wait 10 minutes before you eat something. In 10 minutes, if you still really crave the food, then you can serve yourself a single portion to see if it satisfies your craving. In most cases, just thinking WAIT will help you realize that you aren’t physically hungry but you’re feeding your emotions… [Also,] Practice Deep Breathing… Read or Write… Move Your Body… Call Someone.
(RealAge.com) Snacks are great -- when they help you stay slim (or even lose weight) rather than add belly fat. The key to smart snacking is knowing when and what to nibble. Here are 5 tips to revamp your snack habits.
(Andrew Weil, M.D.) As we age, our metabolism slows down, which can lead to weight gain. But small dietary adjustments can help minimize unwanted pounds in our middle years. Try these suggestions: 1. Choose healthy carbohydrates… 2. Use spices… 3. Drink green tea… 4. Get hungry.
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