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More Recent Research on Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline

(Singularity Hub) [R]ecently, Baxter announced its Alzheimer’s treatment, Gammagard, proved ineffective at its twin goals of reducing cognitive decline and preserving cognitive abilities in a 490-patient Phase III trial. Although the trial showed some positive results in participants genetically predisposed to the disease, Baxter will discontinue current immunoglobulin studies in Alzheimer’s.
(Science Daily) Drugs that are used for treating Alzheimer's disease in its early stages are linked to a reduced risk of heart attacks and death, according to a large study… The research … looked at cholinesterase inhibitors (ChEIs), such as donepezil, rivastigmine and galantamine, which are used for treating mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease [1]. Side-effects of ChEIs include a beneficial effect on the vagus nerve, which controls the rate at which the heart beats, and some experimental studies have suggested that ChEIs could also have anti-inflammatory properties.
(Science Daily) [A] new study shows that research participants with genetic mutations that cause early-onset Alzheimer's make about 20 percent more of a specific form of amyloid beta -- known as amyloid beta 42 -- than family members who do not have the Alzheimer's mutation.
(Science Daily) Memory improved in mice injected with a small, drug-like molecule discovered by UCSF San Francisco researchers studying how cells respond to biological stress. The same biochemical pathway the molecule acts on might one day be targeted in humans to improve memory, according to the senior author of the study, Peter Walter, PhD.
Community: There are many practical things we can do to prevent, delay, or reduce the severity of cognitive decline.
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