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When Stressed, Make a U-Turn

(Mark Hyman, MD) [W]hen things get out of control, which they do, I simply make a gentle U-turn. It's like a GPS for my soul. Your GPS doesn't yell at you and call you stupid or judge you for taking a wrong turn. In the sweetest voice imaginable, the GPS reminds you to take the next possible U-turn…
Here's how I make my U-turns (and I try to pick one or more each day):
1.    Move. The best way to burn off the stress hormones without having to change your thinking is to move and sweat…
2.    Breathe… Deep, slow, full breaths have a profound affect on resetting the stress response…
3.    Bathe….
4.    Sleep….
5.    Think Differently. Practice the art of noticing stress, noticing how your thinking makes you stressed. Practice taking deep breaths and letting go of worry. Try Byron Katie's four questions to break the cycle of "stinkin' thinkin'" that keeps you stressed.
You can also try my UltraCalm CD featuring guided mediations and relaxation techniques.
Community: There are many practical things we can do to reduce stress.
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