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Is miso good for you?

(Consumer Reports) Miso, the main ingredient in that cloudy broth you may have had in Japanese restaurants, is relatively high in sodium, with about 630 milligrams per tablespoon. So if you are prone to high blood pressure, you might want to use the ingredient in moderation. But miso has a number of benefits that can make it part of a healthy diet, even if you are watching your blood pressure.
[However,] using miso can let you cut back on the salt and fat you add to your cooking while enhancing flavor…
[T]he fermentation process … also turns the ingredient into a probiotic, meaning that it's full of potentially good bacteria. Growing research shows that probiotics can help maintain good digestive health…
In addition, since miso is made from soybeans, like other soy foods it is high in isoflavones, food compounds that some research has linked to a reduced risk of breast cancer, menopausal symptoms, and heart disease.
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