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Hospitals Profit When Patients Develop Bloodstream Infections

(Science Daily) Johns Hopkins researchers report that hospitals may be reaping enormous income for patients whose hospital stays are complicated by preventable bloodstream infections contracted in their intensive care units.
In a small, new study … the researchers found that an ICU patient who develops an avoidable central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) costs nearly three times more to care for than a similar infection-free patient. Moreover, hospitals earn nearly nine times more for treating infected patients, who spend an average of 24 days in the hospital.
The researchers also found that private insurers, rather than Medicare and Medicaid, pay the most for patient stays complicated by CLABSIs -- roughly $400,000 per hospital stay -- suggesting that private insurers would gain the most financial benefit from working with hospitals to reduce infection rates.
Community: So it’s no wonder that “Hospitals fight to limit reports on infections,” even though “CDC Guidelines Could Cut Bloodstream Infections.”
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