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Cancer and diet: Why is nutrition overlooked?

(Sheila Dillon, BBC News) Thousands of scientific papers have been published on the link between diet and the treatment and prevention of cancer. But in practice food is still considered a marginal aspect of cancer care…
One of the best-researched foods (in the US and Ireland) is the spice turmeric.
Curcumin is a chemical compound found in the root of turmeric, which has a general anti-inflammatory effect and quite specific effects on several forms of cancer, including mine.
Research has also been conducted on berries containing ellagic acid, which seems to curb cancer cells' ability to grow their own blood supply, mushrooms (the polysaccharides), green tea, as well as the cabbage and onion families…
As my consultant Professor Jamie Cavenagh said: "I think we should take more of a 'Why not?' attitude.
"Why not advise patients to eat better, add turmeric to their diet, drink more green tea, take exercise?" It won't do you any harm, and it might well do you a lot of good.
Community: And there’s this from the Huffington Post: “How What You Eat NOW Could Affect Your Cancer Risk Later.”
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