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The Lengths to Which Some People Will Go . . .

. . . to avoid adopting a healthier lifestyle
(Wired) A US patent application has been made for an unlikely weight loss tool: a tube installed from inside the stomach, out the abdominal wall, that allows patients to manually pump their meal straight out.
Community: Medically assisted bulimia, though presumably with less damage to the esophagus and the teeth.
(Science Daily) A study … demonstrates that once inside a host, many parasitic worms secrete a sugar-based anti-inflammatory molecule that might actually help treat metabolic disorders associated with obesity… "Obesity is an inflammatory disease, so we hypothesized that this sugar might have some effect on complications related to it," said Donald Harn, study co-author.
Community: I used to wish I had a tapeworm. Now I realize how crazy that was.
(WebMD Health News) More than 200,000 weight loss surgeries are performed each year in the U.S. Several recent studies have questioned the effectiveness and safety of one type, gastric banding, which has led to a decline in its use as patients choose other surgical options. But the largest and longest study yet of the procedure found that patients followed for up to 15 years maintained significant weight loss -- an average of about 60 pounds.
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