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Tanning ’Myths’ Targeted by New Salon Group

(MedPage Today) A new association representing owners of suntanning salons says it wants to dispel myths and misinformation about moderate exposure to ultraviolet light, much of which it says is perpetuated by healthcare providers.
Widely cited studies have included home-based tanning beds and cosmetic and medical use of UV treatment, "which often involves intentional sunburn -- sometimes even blistering sunburn," according to a statement from the ASA. After removing those patients from analyses, "the risk connected to professional salons virtually disappears."
"One of the primary roles of the ASA is to address and factually dispel these myths and educate the public about intelligent, practical sun care for tanners and nontanners," ASA board member Diane Lucas, president of a national tanning salon chain based in Dallas, said.
Community: You’d think these people would learn from the experience of tobacco companies—you can fight science, but you’ll eventually lose. Why not spend the money on developing safer products, rather than lobbying and lying to the public?
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