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Savvy Supplement Shopping

(Mark Hyman, MD) Supplements are a multi-billion dollar unregulated industry.  The wide display of choices in drug stores, food stores, online, and even in doctors’ offices can make your head spin!  It is more important now than ever to be aware of what you are and are not getting.
Be sure to pick quality supplements and ones that contain nutrients and compounds research has shown to be effective and safe.  Think of them as part of your diet.  You want the best quality food and the best quality supplements you can buy…
This is how I judge quality supplements:
·         The form of the nutrient is high-quality, well-absorbed, or used by the body.
·         The dosage on the label matches the dose in the pill.
·         They contain absolutely zero additives, colors, fillers, and allergens.
·         The raw materials (especially herbs) have been tested for toxins like mercury or lead, and are consistently pure from batch to batch.
·         The factory in which they are produced follows good manufacturing standards, so products are uniformly consistent in quality.  I want to be sure I know I’m getting the same thing every time.
Community: I buy most of my supplements online. I bunch up the purchase so that the shipping charges don’t kill me.
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