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Pork 101

(The Supermarket Guru) How to Use: Roast hams, shoulder cuts or loins; broil or pan fry chops; smoke or grill ribs. Bake or fry bacon; grill or fry sausages; fry ground patties or sausages or mix with other ground meat and bake. Cook to an inner temperature of 150-165°F. Never eat raw.
How to Store: Refrigerate at 40°F. in original wrapping; always refrigerate cooked pork. May be frozen in original wrappers or double wrapped. Store canned hams in a cool cupboard or refrigerate. Always refrigerate opened cans and leftovers.
Health Benefits: Roasts, loin cuts lower in fat than bacon and sausages. Higher in fat, traditional pork has extra minerals and iron. Cured, smoked products are typically high in sodium.
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