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Most food service workers get no sick days

(UPI) Nearly 80 percent of U.S. food service and hotel workers don't have any paid sick days and many go to work ill, a non-profit group says.
The group 9to5 Winning Justice for Working Women said during hard flu seasons like this year's, the people who have it the hardest are women, low-wage workers, those in part-time or temporary jobs, and those in the service, retail and hospitality industries who have no paid sick days.
In other words, those who can least afford it, are the least likely to get a single paid day off if they or someone in their family gets sick. Those who ask for unpaid time off are often told to not come back, the group said.
Community: And these people are among the most likely to infect others. Truly forward thinking, food service companies and hotels! Make your customers sick.
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