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Massive housing experiment finds those who moved to less-impoverished neighborhoods were happier

(Boston Globe) In the mid-1990s, thousands of families living in public housing, including nearly 700 adults from some of Boston’s poorest neighborhoods, took part in a federal housing voucher program designed to determine whether moving families to a less impoverished place would improve their lives.
The bold social experiment, called Moving to Opportunity, was intended to put a theory about poverty to the test, using the same kind of rigorous study that is the gold standard in medicine.
Now, a new analysis by a team of social scientists suggests that while the $80 million program did not lift people out of poverty, it made a profound improvement in their happiness…
People given vouchers to move to neighborhoods with less poverty also experienced improvements in mental health and a strong suggestion of benefits to physical health.
Their household incomes did not improve, however.
Community: So once again we see that it doesn’t take money to be happy.
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