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Expert: Food stamp block grants ups hunger

(UPI) Republicans and Democrats proposed cuts to restructuring food stamps, but modifying the program may lead to more food insecurity, a U.S. researcher says…
Some Republicans suggest cutting the funds for SNAP by changing the funding structure of SNAP into a block-grant program in which each state receives a fixed sum of money.
"That has its advantages -- states can construct their program any way that they wish," [said Craig Gundersen of the University of Illinois]. "But the big problem is that during bad economic times, that pool of money doesn't increase -- because states budgets have to be balanced and when times are tough, states make cutbacks"…
Gundersen said what drives SNAP spending is the economy, when the economy improves the numbers on SNAP will go down.
Community: We don’t have to have these downturns in the economy. We could make it so expensive for companies to lay off workers that they become more careful about hiring in the first place and maintain financial reserves to keep people employed when business falls off. This one requirement could reduce the downs in the economy to quite an extent. We only put up with the pains of a boom and bust economy because we choose to.
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