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7 Ways to Dine Out Healthy

(SouthBeachDiet.com) Eating out too often can be a recipe for weight gain if you’re not careful. Dr. Arthur Agatston explains in his latest book, The South Beach Wake-Up Call, that the more meals you eat outside your own home, the more likely you are to be overweight and suffer from obesity-related ailments. When people dine out, they tend to eat on average 500 more calories per meal than they would if they ate a similar meal at home.
When you’re not in control of how your meals are prepared, you’re not only likely to consume more calories but also more bad fats, bad carbs, and sodium. Of course there will be many occasions when you’ll want to enjoy a night out with your family and friends just for fun or to celebrate a special occasion, so here are some easy ways to avoid overdoing it at a restaurant.
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